My print projects are finalised in my Nottingham studio. Mostly, the projects begin life outdoors with a pencil, sketchbook and camera. I have a visual and scientific interest in botanical and natural elements, with an experimental approach to creating and circumventing digital processes, embedding each print with sketches and drawings, screen-print techniques, etching and paper engineering.

The atmospheric prints are a culmination of eroded, scratched or altered colour layers that transform the original designs. Within each complex print, I habitually develop methods to reduce each image to its core elements of structure, colour or shape. My prints have a tonal photographic appearance at long distance, with the surface quality of the prints showing a richness and depth of ink layers and surface textures. The precise alignment of each print is both important and labour intensive. No two prints in an edition are exactly the same due to ‘human interference’, the pressure of ink distribution, colour mixes and often studio temperatures (and they do vary dramatically with the changing seasons!).


I’m motivated by perfecting the industrial craft of printmaking, in the form of wall pieces and installation. I undertake commissions, exhibit in the UK and offer one to one teaching to anyone wishing to produce high-quality screen prints.

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